3 Amazing benefits of Yoga for Teens

With post-pandemic behavioural and social issues being reported by schools in the UK, teenagers need the benefits of a yoga & mindfulness practice now more than ever.

But, how can yoga help teenagers? Read on to find out!

Let’s get physical!

It will come as no surprise that yoga can improve physical health.

But, the physical benefits of yoga are especially useful in the teenage years when it is normal to experience a growth spurt. This sudden change in the size and length of limbs can cause young people to feel clumsy and out of sync with their bodies.

During our teenage years, we are likely to struggle with body image which can be worsened through peer pressure and bullying.

The practice of yoga is built on the principles of kindness and non-judgment across all areas of life. When we apply this mindset to physical appearance we become more accepting of all body shapes and sizes.

In addition, improving coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility may help to alleviate the side effects of a growth spurt by helping teens to feel more connected to their developing body.

Less stress; more yoga!

Through breath awareness and mindfulness, yoga gives teens space to step back and regulate their response to stressful situations in a calm and thoughtful manner.

Indeed, it is the mindfulness aspect of yoga that gives it the edge over traditional physical activity. In this way, yoga can reduce impulsivity, increase patience, and improve the ability to regulate attention in teens.

Who doesn’t need more of that?

Work hard and play hard!

Yoga teaches discipline by encouraging us to practise regularly without becoming attached to the outcome of our time on the mat.

In physical yoga practices, such as Vinyasa, we may attempt physically demanding poses that can also challenge us mentally. Yoga adopts a non-dualistic approach to success and failure. Without doubt, we will fall and we will fail as we practice. But, that’s OK. It’s all part of the journey.

It can be said that yoga teaches us to work hard but not to take ourselves too seriously.

A well-rounded yoga practice encourages playfulness and creativity while developing flexibility of the mind and a healthy approach to failure.

Final thoughts…

During a period of change and uncertainty, yoga provides stability and builds a strong sense of self.

Yoga and mindfulness help young people to develop the essential skills to navigate difficult times of change by building a strong foundation of benefits for the body and mind that will last well beyond the teenage years.

Do you have a teen who needs yoga in their life? Did you start your own yoga journey as a teenager? Or, are you a teenage yogi who has benefitted from the practice?

I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!


Throughout August 2022, I will be offering free yoga for teens in partnership with Denbighshire County Council and the Welsh Government. Sessions will take place at the Phoenix Centre in Rhyl and Hwb Dinbych in Denbigh.

These yoga classes for teenagers are funded by the Welsh Government’s #SummerOfFun initiative and can be booked online through the Happy Yoga Wales website (see schedule below).

Day / DyddPlace / LleTime / Amser
Tuesday / Dydd MawrthPhoenix Centre, Rhydwen Drive, Rhyl10am-11am
Tuesday / Dydd MawrthHwb Dinbych, Denbigh12pm-1pm
Wednesday / Dydd MercherPhoenix Centre, Rhydwen Drive, Rhyl10am-11am
Wednesday / Dydd MercherHwb Dinbych, Denbigh12pm-1pm

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