Yoga for teens

Yoga for Teens / Yoga i bobl ifanc

With post-pandemic behavioural and social issues being reported by schools in the UK, teenagers need the benefits of a yoga & mindfulness practice now more than ever.

I am happy to be partnering with Denbighshire County Council and the Welsh Government to offer Yoga for Teens at the Phoenix Centre in Rhyl and Hwb Dinbych in Denbigh.

These free sessions are funded by the Welsh Government’s #SummerOfFun initiative and can be booked online through the Happy Yoga Wales website.

Do you have a teen who has benefited or would benefit from a yoga practice?

Share your experience in the comments.

Days and times of sessions are as follows:

Day / DyddPlace / LleTime / Amser
Tuesday / Dydd MawrthRhyl (venue TBC)10am-11am
Tuesday / Dydd MawrthHwb Dinbych, Denbigh12pm-1pm
Wednesday / Dydd MercherRhyl (venue TBC)10am-11am
Wednesday / Dydd MercherHwb Dinbych, Denbigh12pm-1pm

Search for a class and book in the schedule below:

Chwiliwch am ddosbarth ac archebwch yn yr amserlen isod:

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