Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga for happiness, health, work and play!

Have you heard? Laughter Yoga is making tens of thousands of people happy and well in over 115 countries!

But, what exactly is Laughter Yoga?

Well, it isn’t a comedy show. And, there are no yoga poses either!

In fact, Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where anyone can learn to laugh intentionally without the need for humour.

Instead, we use laughter exercises, eye contact and a sense of playfulness to reap the benefits of laughter.

It is called Laughter ‘Yoga’ because the practice combines laughter with deep breathing and grounding exercises for a complete mind-body experience.

The unbelievable benefits of laughter include:

  • enhancing mood
  • boosting immune system
  • reducing stress
  • improving focus
  • fostering creativity
  • promoting resilience and more!

Clearly, laughter is the best medicine and, luckily for us, the brain can’t tell the difference between natural laughter and laughing on purpose.

There are so many reasons to practise Laughter Yoga on a daily basis. Head over to the Happy Yoga Wales YouTube channel for quick and easy laughter exercises to follow in your own time.

Of course, everyone is welcome to join Happy Yoga Wales for monthly Laughter Clubs in and around the Llandudno area. Check the schedule for upcoming Laughter Club nights.

Alternatively, we can bring the laughter to you! Get in touch to arrange a Laughter Yoga session for your workplace, team or event.

Until then, ha-ha-ha-have a great day!

Other ways to practise with Happy Yoga Wales

1-2-1 Private Yoga Practice

This 8-week course of private yoga will give you all the tools you need feel happy and well.

Corporate Yoga

Corporate Yoga With Happy Yoga Wales

Improve staff well-being with sessions designed with you and your colleagues in mind. 

Paula’s classes have taught me how to practise yoga properly and get all the benefits from it. She explains how to achieve the pose so well. It has helped both my physical and mental well-being.

Sarah, North Wales

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