Spring-cleaning – Did I go too far?

How’s this for Spring-cleaning?!?

For many of us, spring-cleaning means little more than dusting away the cobwebs and wiping the skirting boards!

But, perhaps we’re missing a trick!

In fact, Spring is the perfect time to take stock, clear out what is no longer serving us and make space for new energy. 

Well, that is exactly what I have been doing in more than one area of life.

And, it might surprise you how much of a clear-out I have actually had!

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Giving back 

Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of attending an online workshop with yoga teacher and former Buddhist monk, Nischala Joy Devi

Nischala is the embodiment of yoga – kind, generous and grateful for this beautiful life. I literally felt my heart growing in size whilst listening to her talk about her experience. 

One thing that truly resonated with me was her explanation of Aparigraha, the Yama from yoga philosophy that she translated as ‘generosity’.

And, that sparked the beginning of a clear-out of not only clothes, shoes and bags that I have been hoarding for far too long! 

In truth, giving away a selection of beautiful dresses and funky leggings was, indeed, a little uncomfortable for me! 

But, each time I was tempted to pop an item back in my cupboard, I thought about how much joy it would bring to someone else as it continued its journey through life.

Now that the deed is done, I would highly recommend it to you. Try it and let me know how it feels!

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Making space

So, that was the easy part of my Spring clear-out.

Next, came the big changes!

Perhaps you already know that I am also Head of Modern Languages at a wonderful school in North Wales where I have taught Spanish for almost 10 years. 

Anyone who works in a school will know that the sense of community you experience in this setting is second-to-none. I have loved being a part of that. 

However, like the seasons, all things change and I have made the decision to leave school at the end of the summer to make space for new and exciting things to come. 

What will the future hold? I haven’t got a bloody clue! 

But, I do know it is going to be filled with fun, passion and laughter!

So, watch this space! 

Paula Roberts from Happy Yoga Wales teaching Yoga & wellness for workplace wellbeing.

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Wishing you less stress and more yoga! 


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Paula from Happy Yoga Wales

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